Michael's Pictures: Virginia

2016-06-26 Jamestown

Jamestown monuments

Near the site TERCENTENNIAL MONUMENT, 1907 Capt. John Smith. Statue by William Couper, 1909
Jamestown Church, 1639 The Hunt Shrine Pocahontas statue by W.O. Partridge, 1907-1922 The well

2015-11-28 Norfolk. Chrysler Museum. Glass Sculpture

2015-11-28 Norfolk. Chrysler Museum. Sculpture


A.H.Huntington. The Torch Bearers, 1953-57 Bertel Thorvardsen. Ganymede and the Eagle, 1815-17 Posper D'Epinay. Amor Fogiven, 1888
Amor Fogiven Larkin Goldsmith Mead. The battle Story, 1863-65 A.-L.-M.Charpentier. Narcissus, 1896-97
A.Rodin. The Young Convalescent / Farewell, 1906-07 L.-E. Barria. The First Funeral, 1883 (Adam, Eve, Avel) F.-W. MacMonnies. Peace Victorious, 1906-07, 1918
A.-L. Barye. Panther Attacking a Stag, 1876 Gaston Lachaise. Man, 1938 Fulvio Biacchoni. Arlecchina, Arlecchino, 1948 Emile Valle. Vase, 1900

2015-11-28 Norfolk. Nauticus


Near the museum Entrance USS Wisconsin
MK 48 Fire Control Compter Firing controls TCM-2 Radio Transmitter Berths

2015-11-28 Norfolk. Zoo


White-Cheeked Gibbon Aldabra Tortoise Fennec Fox
Hyrax Peacock Bison
Bald Eagle Gray Kangaroo Asiatic Black Bear Southern Cossowary
Southern Cossowary Red Panda Zoo entrance

2010-09-11 Sterling, VA

Regal Countryside Cinema 20
Kabob cafe

Regal movie theaterRegal plazaBorders

2010-08-07 Arlington, VA

Rosslyn, 08/2010
Wilson Blvd. Obama/Medvedev burgers place, 08/2010

06/24/2010 Jaywon Choe. Presidents Obama, Medvedev Go Out for Burgers
Ray's Hell Burger


MetroBallston Plaza. 1st snowBallston Plaza. Christmas tree
In the eveningFairfax Dr